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Ενημερωθείτε από τον χάρτη για την διαδρομή που θα ακολουθήσετε καθώς και για τα ενδιαφέροντα σημεία στην περιοχή
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LeptokariaAttractions & Points of Interest
On the beach of Leptokaria, the visitors will encounter beautiful and clean beaches to enjoy swimming and the main promenade, which is full of shops with souvenirs and local products.
If you walk along the coast, you will see the images to alternate with a magical way, as the landscape offers an unparalleled combination of mountain and sea that gives peacefulness and quietness, while you move towards the center of the village, where the imposing church of St Nicholas dominates, which is worth visiting. Remarkable fact is the existence of the railway station in the central part of the village, which offers direct access to it. Along with your vacations in Leptokaria, you can also visit other notable places like the castle of Platamonas, the settlement of Palaios Panteleimon, the ancient theater of Dion, the Holy Monastery of St. Dionysius, the Kanalon Monastery.

On the northern foothills of Olympus Mount, in an area that provides the complete control of the narrow passage from Macedonia to Thessaly, Dion is dominating. To the south of the city of Dion, outside its borders and on the west of the sanctuary of Demeter is the ancient theater. Its construction took place in the Hellenistic period (221-179 BC). Its name is attributed to Zeus. Zeus was also the patron god of Dion.
The edge of the ancient city of Dion begins in the 5th century B.C. when king of Macedonia was Archelaus, who had considered Dion as a sacred city, associated with the mythology of Olympus, and he had chosen it as the spiritual and cultural center of Macedonia, similar to Delphi and Olympia. The later excavations unearthed statues, vases, inscriptions mainly of Roman era. At the archaeological site one can admire the ruins of the ancient city with houses, temples, aqueducts and the ancient theater of Dion, where, in the summer, many performances are held. There are important findings in the Archaeological Museum of Dion.
The Olympus Festival is one of the top events in Northern Greece and held every summer in places of great historical and sentimental value for the area. The main events take place in the theater of Dion, in the archaeological site of the castle of Platamonas, in the courtyard of Virgin Mary Kontariotissa and in the courtyard of the Mediterranean Mosaic Center in Dion village.

Monastery of St. Dionysios, OlympusMonastery of St. Dionysios, Olympus
It is perhaps the most important monastery in the prefecture of Pieria and belongs to the Holy Metropolis of Kitrous, Katerini and Platamonas. It is located on Olympus Mount, at an altitude of 900m, in a natural place, fortified, between two streams and is 18 km away from Litochoro. The Old Monastery was founded in the 16th century by Saint Dionysius and during the Turkish rule enjoyed economic and spiritual prosperity. After 1821, it was occupied by the Turkish army and it was burned and looted. Today it develops spiritual and charitable activities. Celebrated on January 23, which is the day of commemoration of St. Dionysius.
Ancient Livithra
Livithra was an ancient city in Macedonia.
Located to the southeast of Olympus Mount and from the excavations have unearthed remains of ancient plants.
The landscape has a vast natural beauty.
According to the traditions in this place Orpheus is buried.
This city, according to Pausanias, was destroyed by a massive flood, which at its pass swept the walls, temples, the buildings and the homes.
The archaeological site of Livithra includes an area of 15 acres, where excavations are conducted.

Paleos Panteleimonas
In the shadow of the mountain of the gods there is a traditional village that has managed to retain its picturesqueness in a region full of natural beauty. On the slopes of Lower Olympus, at an altitude of 700 meters and with a magnificent view of Thermaikos Gulf on the coasts of southern Pieria.

Olympus, the secrets of Gods’ mountain
The divine mountain, the home of the twelve Greek gods, the highest in Greece with Mytikas peak to reach the 2917 meters. A travelogue next to forests from where the sunlight passes, beautiful villages, remarkable hostels, amazing food, lakes, rivers, waterfalls...

Kanalon Monastery
It is located east of Karia and owes its name to the four streams (channels) that emanate near Monastiri and form the stream of Ziliana. Its painted icons are well known. It flourished in the 17th century, and the monastery celebrates on 9/8, when it is flooded by visitors.

Castle of Platamonas
It's a castle-town of the middle Byzantine period (10 century AD) and is located southeast of Olympus Mount in a strategic position, which controls the way of Macedonia- Thessaly - Southern Greece. Its tower looms over the highway and is an imposing medieval fortress. It is perhaps the most important attraction in Pieria and the trademark of the county.
In Byzantine and medieval times, the story of Platamonas identified with its famous Venetian castle. The illumination of the castle at night adds glamour.
Recently maintenance and restoration work have been done at the monument.
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